Robert gave me a helicopter perspective of the business and our time together impacted me in many different ways. It was like having a coach, mentor and advisor rolled into one—someone I could bounce ideas off and who would always tell me the truth, even if it wasn’t something I wanted to hear! Bottom line: I wouldn’t be a multi-millionaire today without him.
Jonathan, Entrepreneur, London, UK
Robert is a visionary, he is an expert at turning dreams into reality. Having worked together for 5 yrs, he is an amazing coach and a great friend. Robert works from the heart and I recommend him to any person or company.
Doron, Tel Aviv, Israel
Having known and worked with Robert for 15 yrs I can honestly say that he is not only an incredibly dynamic and resourceful entrepreneur but also dedicated to the success of all those that work with him. I am honoured to call him a friend and colleague.
Gerard, Weymouth, UK
I first met Robert Rendle in the late seventies when I ran a small engineering firm together with a partner. Rob was a young man who was in the early stages of building an Accountancy practice. My Bank Manager recommended that we arranged to meet Rob as he had recently been introduced to him a few weeks prior and was so impressed that he thought we would find it helpful to engage him as our Accountant.

Our first meeting was terrific we had found a well educated man, full of enthusiasm who was looking for challenges and success. It was not long before we realised that Robert was not your ordinary run of the mill Accountant. As my engineering company grew, as with most partnerships, things began to get difficult in what each of us wanted, there were many complex issues to be sorted. I need not have worried, with the coaching and advice given to me by Robert enabled my company to go on to become one of the largest in the South West at that time. In the early days of building my company now single handed, I was to call on Robert many times, the company went on to handling contracts of at one point five million pounds and had in excess of three million on its order books. I always relied on Robert to find a solution to our day to day issues and always received a very professional resolution.

You may ask what sort of a man is he, is a whiz kid? is he a know all? No: Robert has enjoyed married life for some forty plus years with two boys and 5 dogs, with a passion for motorcycles.

He is a very easy person to talk to and has a way of coaching which is down to earth and easy to understand. Robert has supported me in business through good times and bad, he is not like a bank manager who lends you an umbrella when it is not raining but takes it back when it is! Robert has gained a vast amount of experience first hand across a very wide range of companies. He has a diverse bank of skills and experience and is an asset to any person who is lucky enough to be offered his services. If you need a coach to help you succeed you will find him in Robert, I and my family owe so much to him over the last twenty five plus years that no figure can cover the service, dedication and hard work he has done on our behalf.

To this day Robert helps guide and coach me on the running and future of my retail businesses. Robert has become a very sought after coach and will continue to help many more people find the level they can aspire to. I am honoured to call him my friend.
C J Bradfield, Plymouth, UK